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      2. Fund Operation Manager (Based in Shanghai)

        Date: 17 May 2022
        Contact: recruitment@spdbi.com
        ? Be responsible for the operation and management of the whole life cycle of domestic fund products, including establishment, account opening, change of industry and commerce, letter letter of fund survival, annual inspection of industry and commerce, fund liquidation and cancellation, etc.;
        ? Maintaining the fund ledger;
        ? Be responsible for the fund's daily banking operations, accounting treatment, financial statement issuance, annual audit, tax declaration, settlement and payment, etc.;
        ? Be responsible for docking with regulatory agencies of the fund industry, completing information update and other related work of the funds under management, and regularly disclosing information, including docking with regulatory agencies such as local State-owned Assets Commission, local Development and Reform Commission, local finance departments and AmAC;
        ? Be responsible for the archives management of the surviving fund, compile and maintain the list of documents, and complete the archiving and archiving management work with the company administration;
        ? Other tasks assigned by leader.
        ? Bachelor degree or above, major in finance is preferred;
        ? Professional qualifications: Fund qualification, junior accountant title, etc.;
        ? Experience: more than two years of working experience in fund product operation and fund accounting, familiar with the whole operation process of private fund registration and filing, including but not limited to managers, product filing and follow-up information disclosure, and fund finance related work;
        ? Familiar with internal procedures and accounting treatment experience of private equity funds, hard-working, practical, careful and responsible, willing to travel, strong ability to work under pressure;
        ? Other requirements: Experience in public and private fund operation is preferred.
        Interested applicants please send full resume with expected salary to recruitment@spdbi.com. Personal data collected will be kept confidential and will be used for recruitment purpose only.
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