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      2. Form Download

        Account Opening Forms
        Account Opening Form (For Individual / Corporate)
        Account Opening Form (For Institutional Professional Investor)
        Client Information Statement (Individual / Joint)
        Client Information Statement (Corporate / Institutional)
        Self-Certification Form - Individual
        Self-Certification Form - Entity
        Self-Certification Form - Controlling Person
        Individual Professional Investor Assessment Form
        Assessment Form For Corporate Professional Investor
        Client Agreement
        Fund/Securities Settlement
        Payment Instruction Form
        Securities Settlement Instruciton
        Confirmation of Fund Deposit
        Physical Scrip Deposit Form(for HK stocks only)
        Physical Scrip Withdrawal Form
        Account Maintenance
        Change of Particulars Form (Individual/Joint)
        Change of Particulars Form (Corporate/Institution)
        Risk Tolerance Assessment Form
        Authorisation of Third Party Operated Account
        Update of Client’s Financial Information Form (Individual/Joint)
        Update of Client’s Financial Information Form (Corporate/Institution)
        Other Services
        Consent Concerning HKIDR and OTCR
        Application Form for China Stock Connect Northbound Trading Service
        Subscription of Real Time Quote Service
        Retrieving Statements Form
        General Meeting - Attendance / Voting Notice
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